Hi, I'm Cobalt - passionate developer and system engineer for open-source software

I'm passionate about free and open software development.
I mainly develop with strongly typed languages and focus on web-applications or GNU/Linux CLI tools.

Recent Projects:

Actix Forms

Rust 2018 / Web Application

A web-application for creating forms with a modern and user-friendly interface. Actix-Forms is built on top of actix-web to not only deliver high-performance but also make the user experience as smooth as possible.


Rust 2018 / CLI Tool

mdpdf is an easy-to-use CLI tool for converting commonmark and markdown files to modern, print-ready PDF. Many options such as custom stylsheets or built-in themes are available to make the experience seamless.

Recent Blog Articles:

Using rrsync with ssh on Debian


This article shows how to configure and use rrsync and ssh on a Debian server to secure rsync transfers over ssh

NGINX cookie consent


A quick guide on how to implement a cookie consent page with NGINX