Hi, I'm Cobalt,

software developer, student, and system administrator from Germany.
My current occupation is studying computer science at TU Berlin.

I'm passionate aboute software development on GNU/Linux and work mainly with Rust, Python and Go. You might also find me dabbling in Web Design with Svelte and Tailwind CSS. Besides that I work as a student assistant at Zuse-Institut Berlin for the HPC-Systems working group for system administration.
Feel free to reach out to me over Email or Matrix, my response might take up to one to two days:



Calx is an iCal event aggregator with filtering capabilities. Developed for the Coderdojo R & B by Cobalt and built with echo. The development is dormant at the moment to allow more focus on my studies and work.

Coderdojo R & B

The Coderdojo Red & Blue hosts workshops for teenagers to learn about coding. I’m responsible for maintaining the infrastructure powering most Coderdojo projects. Additionally, I created the current site layout and sometimes help with workshops.

Experiments and other code are hosted on my GitLab instance: