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My blog revolves around challenges that I encountered while working with open-source software. I will share my advice and why you should(n't) do or set up a process like mine. This blog also irregularly releases tutorials & guides for technologies such as GitLab CI/ CD.

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Using rsync+ssh on Debian

Reading Time: 5 min
Published: 12/4/2021

This article shows how to configure and use rsync+ssh on a Debian server to secure rsync transfers over ssh

NGINX cookie consent

Reading Time: 8 min
Published: 3/7/2020

A quick guide on how to implement a cookie consent page with NGINX

Missing Guide: Alembic with Github Actions

Reading Time: 6 min
Published: 27/3/2020

The missing guide on alembic with Github actions CI

Missing Guide: Quart deployment

Reading Time: 6 min
Published: 21/3/2020

The missing guide around Quart and ASGI deployment