Personal Projects - Rust, Python, and Bash

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In my free time I develop multiple personal programs. I also regularly engage in discussions in and contribute to open-source software. Most of my personal projects, such as mdpdf, are also intended to be used on Linux, since it's the OS I'm most experienced with.

Coderdojo Red and Blue Website

Bootstrap 5 & Zola / Website

Website for the Coderdojo Red and Blue Berlin built with Zola and Bootstrap 5. The website features a modern responsive layout with a soothing nord-theme inspired color scheme.


Rust 2018 / CLI Tool

mdpdf is an easy-to-use CLI tool for converting commonmark and markdown files to modern, print-ready PDF. Many options such as custom stylsheets or built-in themes are available to make the experience seamless.


Rust 2018 / Library

Implementation of Pentagame as a graph-based model. This library represents the game as a state driven system with a graph-based backend to enable validation of turns and a complete virtualization of the board.

Pelican Uglify

Python 3 / Plugin

Plugin for the static-site generator pelican to use uglify-es/ uglifycss for compressing assets.

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