Personal Projects - Rust, Python, and Bash

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In my free time I develop multiple personal programs. I also regularly engage in discussions in and contribute to open-source software. Most of my personal projects, such as mdpdf, are also intended to be used on Linux, since it's the OS I'm most experienced with.

Actix Forms

Rust 2018 / Web Application

A web-application for creating forms with a modern and user-friendly interface. Actix-Forms is built on top of actix-web to not only deliver high-performance but also make the user experience as smooth as possible. This is augmented by an interface built on top of Bootsrap 5.


Rust 2018 / CLI Tool

mdpdf is an easy-to-use CLI tool for converting commonmark and markdown files to modern, print-ready PDF. Many options such as custom stylsheets or built-in themes are available to make the experience seamless.


Rust 2018 / Library

Implementation of Pentagame as a graph-based model. This library represents the game as a state driven system with a graph-based backend to enable validation of turns and a complete virtualization of the board.

Pelican Uglify

Python 3 / Plugin

Plugin for the static-site generator pelican to use uglify-es/ uglifycss for compressing assets.

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